Clear as Krystal

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(WTVY) NFL bound linebacker Shaquem Griffin had his hand left hand amputated at the age of four.

Many thought it would affect his play on the football field, but the UCF standout proved the doubters wrong, earning himself an invite to the NFL combine.

For Houston County sophomore basketball player Krystal Harris, it is a similar situation.

"My umbilical cord was wrapped around my right hand and stopped it from developing," said Harris. "And i came out like this."

The birth defect made it tough for her growing up.

"I felt bad about myself i was embarrassed by myself like i didn't want to live anymore," said Harris.

What didn't take her life made her stronger than ever. Nothing stood in the way of Krystal and the sport she loved the most.

"My heart is like everyone else, even though my appearance seems different from everyone, I'm the same in the size in my heart," said Harris.

Her coach Jake Allen added, "Any time someone says she can't do something, she's driven to prove anybody wrong to do just anything."

"She's loving and she will always do what she has to do to get the job done," said Krystal's teammate Laquesha Smith. "Nothing can bring her down, she's Krystal."

When Shaquem heard of Krystal's situation, he reached out with a touching message:

"Hey what's up Krystal Harris i heard you was doing your thing and balling out hey keep doing it i know you going to be great one day. Shoot you already great i heard you balling make sure you keep it up. Shaquem letting you know what's up."

"It makes me feel like I'm not the only one out here like actually accomplishing challenges without a right hand," Harris said.

And for anybody with a situation similar to Krystal's she has a message for you:

"Just keep pushing yourself. I can do it and so can you."

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