Abbeville High School boasts of two football signings Wednesday

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ABBEVILLE, AL. (WTVY) -- Abbeville High School held a signing ceremony for two players Wednesday.

Twin brothers Jaquon and Daquon Kincey signed up to play football at Goode Elite Prep Academy in Birmingham.
The brothers will play together as wide-receivers.

While both are very talented in basketball, they decided to continue their careers in football.

"Basketball, my 10th grade year, I was in love with it. I was a Sophomore on Varsity, so I was really enjoying the sport. But once I started, Coach Tyra put me back at the quarterback position at football. I just fell in love with it from there," says Daquon.

Coach Robin Tyra replied, "Somebody will hopefully see what we see and take a chance on them. They'll definitely get two great kids. They're well rounded guys that everyone knows around here that can play basketball. But now they turned into two great talents on the football field."

The twins plan to attend Goode Elite for a football season and then try to transfer to a bigger school.

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