FSU strength coach keeping Seminoles busy with at-home workouts

Published: Apr. 13, 2020 at 1:00 PM CDT
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There's a good chance you are currently shut out of your gym due to the coronavirus pandemic; well, so is the Florida State football team.

But, that's not stopping the Seminoles to get work in, redefining the notion of "working from home."

When a new staff comes to town, the playbook on the field isn't the only one that changes.

For every new blocking scheme, a new bicep workout.

For every smash route, a new squat routine.

A fact FSU's strength and conditioning coach, Josh Storms, knew all too well as the world turned upside down in mid-March.

"As a staff, we had to start getting together our contingency plans on what we were going to do if we were shut down and to what degree we were going to be shut down," Storms told WCTV via Zoom. "As that kind of went in stages, our plans had to kinda evolve and adapt along with it."

Storms, who previously worked with new FSU head coach Mike Norvell at Memphis, had his work cut out for him; his players at home and most without access to a gym.

So, instead, he and his staff have been bringing the gym to players' backyards, as well as their own: Taking to social media to show off their improvised activity.

And the sharing back.

"It eliminates excuses," Storms said. "When you see a guy getting it done with virtually nothing, okay, what's my excuse now that I've seen it done? That's what we're trying to do, we're just trying to show that if it's important to you, you can find a way to make it happen."

While big gains are probably not going to be the finish line for many at-home workouts, maintaining games from the winter and continued conditioning are what's keeping Storms optimistic about the future.

I think hose guys saw in the mirror, physically, make a lot of progress this winter and I know those guys are very very motivated to not let that b all drop now and keep moving forward.

All in hopes the strong will be ready when the world turns right side up.

"There you go. Get it in. No excuses."