Work on Adkinson Road in Wicksburg won't begin until 2018

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WICKSBURG, Al. (WTVY) Adkinson Road in Wicksburg will be blocked into next year because a new spring has popped up, causing the ground under the road to erode away.

Scott Moore lives on the road and says a lot of people feel like they have been forgotten.

The road is blocked causing headaches.

Houston County Commissioner Brandon Shoupe says, "The fix is to go 30 feet deep, install some pipe and take it into one of these fields."

Moore says, "I figured they would fill it in and it would be done but everyone still has to back track and has double the time because the road is closed right now, the money is there so I don’t know why we are being forgotten."

Houston County Road and Bridge has two projects they are already committed to so they can't get to Adkinson Road until the beginning of 2018.

Shoupe says,
"Unfortunately this is a huge project; it can’t be done in a day. It will take months."

Shoupe says it will likely be spring of 2018 before work is completed.

Moore says, "I hate that it is going to take so long, everyone here pays a lot of taxes, owns a lot of land, houses, and then this road, I feel like it should be fixed."

The cost of fixing the road will be about $500,000.

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