Dothan Ark Center opens for women changing their lives

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) A vision for years finally coming to life in the Circle City.

The Ark Women's Center in Dothan wasn't supposed to open this year, but thanks to a generous donation they can begin serving women who are transforming their lives. It is a year-long program for those overcoming homelessness, addiction or prison. The center provides a place to stay and tools to get a high school diploma, counseling and life skills

It's free for the first six months, after that residents get a job and an apartment at a lower cost so they can save money and be self-sufficient.

"Its a place of refuge, a place of rest for women who have come from all different backgrounds," said Anna Wingard, the Center's Women’s Director.

The Ark Center has a plan to be more financially independent themselves. A new thrift store opening Saturday, Dec. 1 will provide money for the center to continue without relying solely on donations.