Woman says loose dogs mauled her cats

Published: Jul. 26, 2019 at 6:16 PM CDT
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After 29 cats who were mauled to death by two dogs at the Dothan Animal Shelter, another organization says this isn't the first time loose dogs have terrorized rescue cats in the area.

Sheila Andreasen has devoted more than a decade to rescuing cats, keeping strays and finding homes for them. However, one morning, all of that changed.

“There was two pit bull dogs here on my carport, in the porch and they had broken into the cages and were killing one of my cats," Andreasen said.

The dogs killed two of Andreasen's cats and even wounded her. After calling police and filing reports, animal control took the dogs—but they were eventually returned to their owner. A decision that Andreasen says makes her furious.

"My animals are dead, my ones that are very special to me," she said, "and this individual has his dogs back and, like I guess life is just normal?”

The traumatic experience has prompted Andreasen to keep a documentation of loose dog attacks that happen in the Wiregrass.

“That’s that family’s pet, which is a member of their family that’s killed," she explained, "you keep on giving them back. I don’t know what the law is what the rule is why that seems to be the way it goes, but, perhaps something can change. ”

According to veterinarian Kirk Holland, the solution is not to shame certain types and breeds of dogs, but for dog owners to make sure they properly care for their animals.

“The first thing people say is ‘it’s a pit bull’ I think they get a bad rap. And that’s really the problem the problem is people taking care of their pets," Holland said, "it’s a matter of socialization and training and I think any dog knowing that any dog can be harmful, especially the large dogs. It’s up to the owner to make sure they get the proper training and proper care and socialization.”