Two men in custody including Wiregrass pastor after death of Dothan woman

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Dothan, AL (WTVY)- [UPDATE: 3/26/2018 at 4:04:23 PM]
Two men are in custody, including a well known Wiregrass activist after the murder of a Dothan woman.

Jamie Townes and Pastor Kenneth Glasgow face capital murder charges in the death of Breunia Jennings.
Dothan Police found a suspicious car parked outside Stringer Street A.M.E. Church and a wrecked car on Allen road.

They say the woman killed had stolen Jamie Townes car.
Police Chief Steve Parrish says, "Instead of reporting it to police, he got in the car with Mr. Glasgow and they went hunting Mrs. Jennings."

Police tell us Kenneth Glasgow, Wiregrass pastor and community activist was driving the car when Townes fired the shot.

Police say four people were in the car when shots rang out, but only Townes and Glasgow face charges.

Glasgow is the half-brother of Reverend Al Sharpton. He is known for his involvement in community issues. Glasgow founded The Ordinary People's Society, also known as TOPS, and leads the charge to give convicted felons the right to vote.

Just this past Saturday, Glasgow took part in the “March for our Lives” in Downtown Dothan protesting gun violence.

However, march organizers say his possible connection with the murder is troubling.

Here is the group's news release:

As organizer of the March for Our Lives, we are saddened to once again have to mourn the death of young life lost to gun violence in our community. Breunia Jennings' family and loved ones are in our thoughts and prayers as they seek justice for her. We stand behind them in advocating for any common sense legislation that would have kept a gun out of her killer's hands.

Kenneth Glasgow's alleged connection with this crime is very troubling to our organization. While we believe in due process of law, we wish to correct some misattribution of his particpation in our march Saturday.
Kenneth Glasgow is the executive officer of The Ordinary People Society. The Ordinary People Society had participants in our march, and one of their officers coordinated emceeing duties and helped with permit registration. The bulk of the organization of the march was performed by myself, Kailee Maciulla and student organizing was performed by Morgan Shaw, a senior at a local high school.

Kenneth Glasgow was never a scheduled speaker at the march nor did he participate in its planning. It frankly came as a surprise to organizers when the person from his organization who temporarily emceed the event at Porter Park as an "organizer," as he had never attended an organizational meeting or donated funds.

The organizers of this event are relative newcomers to the area and unaware of the history surrounding many activists in this area. As such, they were not aware that Glasgow may claim credit that was not due him.
The organizers wish to remind the public that this march was not about one person. This march was about preventing gun violence. We stand in support of all law enforcement efforts to curtail such activity, and we pray for justice for Breunia Jennings.

-March for Our Lives Wiregrass organizers

[UPDATE: 3/26/2018 at 12:20:10 PM]
One woman is dead and a suspect is in custody following an overnight shooting in Dothan.

It happened around 11:00PM Sunday night at Lake Street and Allen Road.

Cassie Newby lives on the next street over.
She says her son told her the news last night and she couldn't believe it.

"I was shocked and disappointed, everyone wants to be loved, no matter who you are and if we could get back to that, and just love everyone and if people would think before they do bad things, we don't always think first but I wish people would."

Dothan Police are investigating.
We hope to have more information soon.

A woman is dead following an overnight shooting in Dothan. The shooting occurred at or near the intersection of Lake Street and Allen Road.

Dothan Police Chief Steve Parrish said several people are being questioned but nobody is yet charged.

Possibly connected with the shooting is a traffic wreck that occurred nearby but police haven’t released how the two incidents might be related.

Officers received a call about 11 pm Sunday that a person had been shot. A short time later the victim was pronounced dead. Her identity hasn’t been released.

Police are expected to release additional information Monday morning.