Wiregrass food bank in need of volunteers

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Volunteers with the Wiregrass area food bank spent the morning putting together food for senior citizens.

It’s called the Brown Bag Program.

"We rely on a small army of volunteers every month," said Julie Gonzalez, assistant director for the Wiregrass Area Food Bank.

A small number trying to feed more than 16,000 people is a big job.

"We have a group of core volunteers who we call our full-time volunteers who will come and get things organized, get things set up, get the food ready to be packed, but then we need additional volunteers to come in and help them," said Gonzalez.

Volunteers, like Ed Jett, devote four days of every month to the food bank.

"I retired and I wanted to get out and give back to the community and this is one of the best places that I could think of that would help a lot of people."

"What we try to do is give them enough food at the end of the month to last them a week to get from one social security check to another," said Jett.

A few members of the Dothan Chamber of Commerce came by to chip in.

"We had a meeting this morning with our ambassador group and we decided our time would be better spent helping them here than in our boardroom doing paperwork stuff," said Hayden Camp, Director of Membership at the Dothan Chamber of Commerce.

These volunteers say it is important to give back.

"We do feel like it's important to come out here and support them because they support so many in our community," said Camp.

"Came out to make sure that everyone has the basic essentials that they need to sustain life," said Jett.

"Every month usually we have Wednesday and Thursday the first week of the month and then the second Friday we actually pack the boxes that go out to the people and the third Wednesday of the month we give the boxes out to the senior citizens who need the food," said Gonzalez

For those interested in volunteering you can visit Wiregrass Food Bank.

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