Wiregrass fitness lover discovers power of high heels

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) 2018 is a little less than three weeks away. Many people will be hitting the gym for their new year's resolution. Lisa Sacaccio went to Dothan Athletic Club, where she discovered a unique way to shake up your workout routine.

"I just don't want to exist,” said Aneesha Thomas, an avid fitness lover. “I want to live, and I just don't want to live I want to be healthy."

Aneesha Thomas and her sister rosette Cawthon work out 3 to 3.5 hours a day, 5 days a week.

"She’s been working out with me for about 4 years, so we kind of do our own thing back here," explained Aneesha.

And while going to the gym to get fit is nothing new, Aneesha’s type of work out is- high heels. And they don't keep 56 year old Aneesha from performing many moves, or using different machines

"I just wanted to do something different," mentioned Aneesha. "I decided to just put my heels on and do the same exercises I do that I normally wouldn't put my heels on"

Not only does this high heel workout target and tone Aneesha's lower body. She says it also gives her a little something extra.

"Gives a women grace, pose, and posture. It brings out finesse, it makes you feel really really good so that way you're going to try harder, and try better and you look great."

Rosetta chooses to ditch the heels and opts instead for a more basic approach with sneakers. Aneesha's moves can be done in sneakers; however the few extra inches her heels give adds resistance.

If heels aren't your thing, but you're still struggling to get fit, Aneesha says,

"Just say I’m going to do this. I am good, I am great. I am an exerciser. Start feeding your mind and your mind will start feeding your body positive thoughts."

Rosetta has special needs ... But the sisters love being active together.

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