Wiregrass dogs wag their tails at Southeast Alabama Kennel Club fun match

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - You could see plenty of tail-wagging going on at the Farm Center in Dothan this morning. The Southeast Alabama Kennel Club held its first fun match of the year to showcase some of the area's most obedient dogs.

"We train almost every day on something, and then on the weekends, on Saturday, we go and do a good run through all the exercises,” said Dog Trainer John Outland. “There're six exercises."

John Outland and his dog Brooklyn have been training together for six years.

Brooklyn may look like any other competition dog, but she's actually quite different.

"Brooklyn came from the shelter,” said Outland. “I adopted her. She's about eight years. I've had her for six years."

John says he's amazed by how far Brooklyn's come, especially considering she came off the street.

"If she hears the truck door slam, she's at the door,” said Outland. “I don't care if she's sleeping somewhere in the house, she wants to be with me, and that's what it takes. You have to have the bond between you and your dog."

Brooklyn was one of a few dozen dogs competing in several different categories.

Some dogs, like Brooklyn, competed in the obedience category to show how well they can follow directions.

Others took part in the conformation portion, which judged dogs based on how well they represent their breed.

The fun match didn't count in the kennel club's circuit of competition, but gave trainers a chance to practice in a mock setting.

"This is just a fun time, an easy way to learn, give your dog some ring experience, and have other people handle your dog,” said American Kennel Club Judge Judy Cartner.

Brooklyn won the advanced obedience portion, but Outland thinks she's got room to improve.

"She did all the exercises really well, but the fronts and the finishes were a little bit off,” said Outland. “The finishes were a little bit off, lagging."

You can find more information about training your dog through the Southeast Alabama Kennel Club on its Facebook page.


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