Wiregrass United Way needs your help to reach campaign goal

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DOTHAN Ala.(WTVY)- The Wiregrass Area United Way is trying to reach its campaign goal which allows forty-two local non-profit agencies in six counties to keep their doors open.

CEO Walter Hill said, “This money is much needed and we really need to be able to get this for them. We don't want to end up the campaign and say well we were at 99.47 percent of the goal and we didn't quite get there oh well we just can't do that."

The money will help Girls Incorporated to build a safe environment for their girls.

Girls Incorporated Executive Director Jamie Hill said, “The first part of the grant allowed us to have keyless entry doors it also allowed us to purchase an intercom system that allowed us to communicate effectively with everybody in the center at one time. The second phase which is what we're requesting this year is to purchase to commercial burke doors for the upstairs classrooms to make those classrooms secure those two things together will ensure our building is safe for the girls."

The money will allow the Wiregrass Rehab Center to provide services to help citizens transition into the real world.

WRC Program Director David Colman said, “This is for individuals with barriers to employment, disability, or other social-economic barriers. it allows us to assist those people to come back and work in our community. "

Plus if the Wiregrass United Way meets their goal the Wiregrass foundation will write a challenge pledge for 400 thousand dollars.

Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Jennifer Hinson said, “For them to reach their goal is a bonus there able to give more to each of their agents and each year we have been blessed to receive several items large ticket items. New roof new several items new playground to help our club run."

Right now there at 99.12 percent to meeting their goal so

They need a little over 25 thousand dollars to reach it.

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