Wiregrass hemp farmers say crops look promising

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GENEVA COUNTY, Ala. (WTVY) -- Alabama farmers are close to cashing in on the first hemp harvest.

"This one is a lot more dense. This probably about as dense as you want to go in Alabama," said hemp farmer, Markus Brunson.

Brunson and Dustin Herring are farming hemp in Geneva County.

"So much that we learned this year," said Brunson.

And in the field - "Constantly adapting and overcoming; it's been a lot more labor-intensive than most other operations," said Herring.

Brunson says the sleepless nights and hard work are for family. He lost his mother to stage four ovarian cancer.

"We got her some high strength CBD oil. We gave it to her and we were able to enjoy her, for her last few months, a few weeks of life," said Herring.

Brunson is a Marine veteran and hopes this crop will help PTSD.

"One of my saw gunners we found out took his own life," said Brunson.

This harvest is one step closer to their goal.

"We’re all being very transparent, making sure that we're growing exactly what we say we're growing, and just also make sure that we're not ever going over the limits of the THC content," said Herring.

This crop and 44 other licensed growers in the state passed.

"That is a great boost of confidence to know that the suppliers that are sending in these plants, and also that the growers, we're all being honest we're all doing our steward lack program and we're taking care of making sure we're growing industrial hemp and then we're all out here for the right reason," said Herring.

Herring says they are looking forward to the next season.

"This could be a great lucrative crop for the state of Alabama,” said Herring.

Starting October 7th, the Department of Agriculture is accepting applications for next year's licenses.

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