Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity needs help with roofing repairs

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) - Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to constructing, rehabilitating, and preserving homes for those in need.
But now , this local non-profit is looking for a little help.

Last November Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity moved into the old “Pocket’s Pool Hall" building on Montgomery Highway. After some heavy rains this spring they began having severe roof leaks.

“We do have some in our restore that are a little bit more severe than others," said Wiregrass Habitat Executive Director Amy Schutz. "We have some where the ceiling tiles have fallen down. We have areas where fortunately we’ve been able to patch them enough so they’re not leaking into some of our light fixtures because we have seen that as well.”

After several attempts to patch the holes, they realized a new roof is ultimately needed. But ironically...

“A lot of our extra funds that come in, they’re truly going to our projects that are part of our mission to help improve the shelter that’s available here in the Wiregrass.”
Which means Habitat for Humanity is now in need of roughly $35,000-$40,000. But because habitat has paid it forward, others are reaching out.

“We’ve recently developed a partnership to work with the Knights of Columbus here in Dothan," said Schutz. "They’re a wonderful group of caring men that want to see the community in a better place.”

Wiregrass Habitat so far this year has built one house in Dothan and are currently working on another one this fall.

The Knights of Columbus have taken on this project but need your help as well. If you would like to donate for the funding of the new roof you can visit www.wiregrasshabitat.org or call them at 792-8453.

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