Will municipal elections be pushed back due to coronavirus concerns?

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -- Alabama leaders are weighing if municipal elections should be pushed back because of concerns about the coronavirus.

The executive committee met Thursday to discuss the idea of petitioning to move the August 2020 municipal elections to next year. Although no action was taken, leaders say it doesn’t mean the idea is off the table.

Leaders with the Alabama League of Municipalities started weighing moving municipal elections after the primary runoff election was delayed until July over the coronavirus. Between 200-300 city elections are set across the state for August 25. There were initial concerns about the quick turnaround for cities financially and the logistics of preparing for an election, in addition to the safety of voters and poll workers because of the highly contagious disease.

Leaders decided it was too early to make a decision at Thursday's meeting and will wait until June to see if Alabama is still under stay-at-home orders and if we've gotten a handle on the outbreak.

"As we flatten the curve as the peak we know that stretches out the time frame and exposure and how quickly we go back to normalcy. We hope that by June we have a real good feeling of how July and August will be and that's what we're counting on," Greg Cochran, Deputy Director of the League of Municipalities.

If the decision is made to petition to postpone city elections, the executive committee will submit alternate city election dates to the governor in June for her approval.

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