When temps drop, bring the pups inside

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PANSEY, Ala. (WTVY) -- With below freezing night time temperatures in the Wiregrass, warming shelters are open for people with inadequate heat but, what about pets?

One woman in Pansey is working to keep the pups warm.
Dawn Beaver says, “To me, they're innocent little children, they can't survive this cold."

As low temps hit the 20s, it can take its toll on your pets.

Beaver says, "Around here, we aren't used to 20 degrees so you know, the animals aren't used to it either."

She lives with her 25 grandchildren, or, grand dogs that is.

"My heart won't let me let them run the streets, so I take them in, get them healthy and adopt them out.

In the past 8 months, she’s found homes for about 50. But lately, she's just trying to keep them warm.

She says, "Would you let your children be out in this cold? Or would you sleep in this cold?

Dogs can get frost bite on their paws and ears, hypothermia, or even die in cold weather.

Dothan Police Chief Steve Parrish says there isn’t anything that says you have to bring your pets inside in cold weather, but if you see an animal out, report it and they will investigate to see if it's a case of animal abuse.

Dawn says, "At least get straw or something and cover it so they can get out of the wind, the wind is bad."

If you want to adopt one of Miss Dawn's dogs, her number is 334-405-9058.

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