What to do about neighborhood nuisances

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An abandoned house has become a public nuisance in Enterprise.

After filing complaint after complaint, steps are being taken to get the house under control.

But what were those steps and how do they vary city by city?

Jared Alexander, Director of Engineering Services
"Most complaints start in the form of a written complaint or emails and phone calls. Those are put on file and a verified letter is sent to the homeowner in an attempt to get the nuisance ab-aided.."

Nuisances can range from overgrown vegetation or a dilapidated structure, to trash in the yard and junk vehicles.

Alexander says, "Sometimes it is more difficult than others to get property owners who do not live here in the city its harder to get those properties cleaned up within a matter of 30 or 60 days so what our process winds up being is a 30 day turnaround on the first letter then we send a second notice and then a final notice."

In enterprise, they have a written document form you can fill out to get the process started but in other cities like Dothan and Ozark there is a similar, but different way to progress.

In Ozark, you must first contact the city, they'll locate the owner and give a 10-day notice. If no response, the owner is served with a citation, which can eventually lead to court proceedings.

In Dothan, like Enterprise, you must file a formal complaint through the city.

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