What killed more than a dozen ducks and geese at Dothan pond?

File Photo: Ducks gather at feeding time at Emerald Lake. (Source: WTVY)
File Photo: Ducks gather at feeding time at Emerald Lake. (Source: WTVY)(WTVY News 4)
Published: May. 26, 2020 at 3:48 PM CDT
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Families flock to Dothan’s Northside Subdivision to see and feed the ducks at Emerald Lake, but this weekend many found a terrifying scene.

“This is absolutely horrifying,” says neighborhood resident Dorlisa Henderson.

Henderson is a frequent visitor of the duck pond and sometimes the duck even flock to her front yard.

But Monday night she made an unexpected trip to the pond after a phone call asking if she heard the rumors of dead ducks.

“I walked around the pond and I counted 12 floating dead already,” says Henderson.

Henderson found some ducks in bad condition and is afraid they will be the next victims of this mystery.

Her theory is that someone intended to kill them.

“Right next to them were pieces of bread that looked like they had started eating on so I think that someone has poisoned them,” says Henderson.

Dothan Police Department is aware of the rumors of poisoning, but they aren’t leaving any possibilities off the table.

“We’re going to keep this very similar to how we do any other investigation we do. We’re going to let the facts lead the investigation and not let the investigation be driven by opinions in any window,” says Dothan Police Department Lieutenant Scott Owens.

Police removed 13 dead ducks. All were in different stages of decomposition.

It’s estimated that deaths occurred over the last two weeks.

Other theories buzzing among pond visitors and residents suggest that the ducks died from environmental factors or from being fed bread.

But, Henderson is convinced poison caused their deaths.

“The fish they’re not dead. There are hundreds of turtles. They’re not dead and they eat bread like crazy,” says Henderson.

Investigators are reaching out to agencies with wildlife expertise with hopes of finding answers, guidance, and determining what exactly happened to the ducks.

If someone indeed intentionally harmed the ducks, they could face animal cruelty charges.

Dothan Police is also researching to see if any of the ducks were federally protected.

Any residents or pond goers with information or that see something suspicious should contact authorities.