Wettest year on record creates havoc for local roads, infrastructure

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) - It's official now: 2018 is the wettest year on record in the Wiregrass.

Dothan recorded more than 74 inches of rainfall. That would be enough to fill a 6 foot 2 inch rain gauge.
It's more than 20 inches above average for the year.

This has created all sorts of havoc on the roads and for those in construction.
Potholes are usually a concern this time of year but the heavier rains are only making things worse.

Dothan Public Works Director Charles Metzger says, "We probably had the wettest year on record for Dothan. We had the hurricane. Over the last several months we had a lot of large trucks. Some of them were in streets that they normally were not on. We had loaders and excavators."

Right now, the city is working on repairing potholes on Cherokee Avenue and Montgomery Hwy, Fountain Street, and Thistlewood Drive.
The city spends more than two million dollars a year patching potholes.

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