Webb Elementary celebrates state report card score

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WEBB, Ala. (WTVY) - In December, schools throughout Alabama received their state report cards. For most Wiregrass schools, the news was good for Webb Elementary, the news was even better.

Webb is a title one school, with more than 85% of the students receiving free and reduced lunch.

The 87 they scored was actually the highest of all title one schools in the state.

The principal and teachers didn't know that, until the PTO meeting Tuesday night.

Webb Elementary School’s February PTO meeting started like any other, featuring a performance by the school's second grade.

The kids sang about confidence and knowing who they are, qualities that probably led to the school's 87 on its state report card.

"It makes the future seem so bright to see the children work this hard to feel this way about themselves, to put so much into it, and all the parents,” said 6th grade Reading Teacher Connie Hartzog. “This room was full tonight, and our parents are so supportive."

Hartzog and her fellow teachers were aware of the schools high score this year, but they didn't realize it was the highest of 57 other title one schools in the state.

An achievement Assistant Principal Brandy White attributes to the teaching staff.

"Our teachers work together,” said White. “They look at the data. It's data driven, but it's just a grind. There's no magic pill. It's just a grind every day, so good leadership and good teachers."

The score may be a reflection of the teachers, but White admits the school wouldn't be where it is without its principal, which is why he wanted to acknowledge all of her hard work for over 30 years at the school at the PTO meeting.

"It was a huge surprise,” said Webb Elementary Principal Marsha Shelly. “I had no idea, and I did not know they had done all this research to find out where we ranked. I knew we were a great school, but I had no idea."

Shelley said she may be retiring soon, but she and the rest of her staff will continue striving for improvement and will hopefully achieve an 'A' rating next year.

The state considers several categories including academic achievement, growth and absenteeism when determining a school's report card grade.

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