WeatherSTEM technology at The Dothan Technology Center

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Aug. 20, 2018 at 5:32 PM CDT
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The Dothan Technology Center has taken steps to be above and beyond when it comes to weather information.

Joey Meigs the Career Tech Director and Principal of Dothan Technology Center says “This is our weather, we’re getting the information we’re not getting it from other places.”

The Center has weather stem technology; weather stem provides real time weather information and forecast.

The technology includes a cloud cam that produces daily time-lapse videos of the sky conditions that day and technology that measures weather conditions that s then displayed on their public website.

While this weather stem was originally purchased to aid the aviation program, Meigs hopes that it will soon help advance some of their other programs saying “We have our TV production which is broadcast and we’re hoping to use this information and show it”.

The TV production program has expanded since it first started a few years ago.

Their studio has a green screen that may eventually be able to use the information taken from the weather stem.

Britany Glover a DTV Journalist says “We’ll experiment with it get people use to it later on with things like meteorology”.

All of this progress is vital in helping get students interested in the STEM field.

Meigs says that “Being able to see something that real life that’s happening that you can look out your window and say hey that’s where that’s coming from it may be that one thing that gets that kid interested and say hey I may do that”.