Ways to keep kids' teeth healthy during Halloween

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Dothan, AL (WTVY) Halloween will soon be here and you know what that means... sugar and more sugar.

The Alabama Department of Public Health is making sure that parents are educated on ways to keep their kids teeth healthy.
Local dentists say there are ways to enjoy Halloween cavity free.

Make sure that your kids are drinking plenty of water, avoiding sticky candies, brushing at least twice a day, and waiting to eat sugary snacks until shortly after meal time.

All of these will help to prevent the risks of tooth decay.

Local dentist, Dr. Kirby Hart says that the best type of candy for this time of year is sugar-free.

Dr. Hart says:
"And as far as teeth goes, I always recommend after eating anything especially candy to chew some sugar-free gum for a few minutes it will help to get the stuff off your teeth."

Dr. Hart says parents should also check to make sure that the candy has not been partially opened before their child eats it.

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