Wayne Farms worker tests positive for COVID-19

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Oakwood, GA. (March 27, 2020) – In conjunction with Georgia Department of Public Health, the company is acknowledging a positive COVID-19 test result for a team member from the Enterprise facility in Jack, Alabama.

The affected employee is no longer at the work place, is under the care of their personal physician and self-quarantined. Certification from their health care provider confirming that they are disease-free before returning to work is required. The affected employee followed the Company’s protocol by leaving work to seek medical care at the first sign of symptoms, and thereby reduced the risk of exposure to fellow employees while undergoing evaluation, testing, and awaiting results.

The company’s Occupational Health team is working in tandem with public health and medical officials to investigate and identify any further potential exposure and is monitoring those employees in accordance with CDC guidelines.

In addition, the facility has undergone stringent cleaning and sanitation procedures to confirm the facility is a clean and safe environment, and enhanced sanitation will continue. Importantly, the company has commenced daily temperature checks using infrared thermometers at workplace entrances for all employees and visitors at the Enterprise facility.

Wayne Farms COVID-19 Response Protocol
The company has been operating under it’s COVID-19 Response Protocol since February 24, 2020. Under that protocol, any employees displaying a fever and signs of a respiratory illness are required to leave work, seek medical care and be cleared by the company’s Occupational Health department before returning to work. The protocol also involves enhanced sanitation of employee welfare areas, elimination of non-essential visitors, education and health promotion programs, PPE assessments and training of onsite healthcare personnel on the use of N95 respirators. Also, weekly communications and messaging to inform, update, and educate employees are being posted at all facilities. The company has on-site health professionals that are stationed at each plant to ensure compliance with established company and public health protocols and procedures to minimize spreading of this virus. The company will maintain this posture and continue following all current


A Wayne Farms worker at the company's Coffee County plant has tested positive for coronavirus and has been isolated.

Frank Singleton, a company spokesperson, said the facility has undergone additional sanitizing and will remain open. Employees will be screened before they are allowed to work.

Singleton also said the infected worker had minimal contact with fellow employees.

That worker apparently does not live in Coffee County, where a case of COVID-19 was erroneously reported. The Alabama Department of Public Health later said that case occurred in another county, leaving Coffee with no cases.

As of Thursday afternoon there were 524 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Alabama. A total of 4,082 people have been tested, and there is one confirmed death.

Industry and retail operations have not been ordered closed and state officials say there are no plans to do so at this time.