Watoto Children's Choir Performs in the Wiregrass

ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WTVY) -- They’ve been performing on stages all over the world, and now they’re here in the Wiregrass.

The Watoto Children’s Choir sang in front of a packed house at the First Baptist Church in Enterprise Thursday night, but the organization is not just about singing.

Since 1994, the Watoto Children’s Choir has toured all over the world making a joyful noise, and shining a light on the plight of orphaned children in Africa.

“We have three villages in Uganda, which house over 3,000 children, and we have women in the neighborhood—over 4,000 women that we support,” said Watoto Children’s Choir Director, David Atukunda.

The choir is part of the Watoto Church in Uganda.

“We look after children. Those that have been abandoned, those that have been orphaned and don’t have parents to look after them, and also those whose mothers live in the community, but are not in a position to look after them. So we bring those children into our care,” Atukunda said.

Choir members range in age from 6 to 12 years old, and all have been orphaned by aids, abandonment, poverty, or war.

Joan Nakabira knows firsthand what it’s like to be orphaned.

She was brought in to Watoto as a child, and was raised within the program.

She now works with the organization as caregiver and singer.

“It feels so good,” said Nakabira.

“You feel like you have a sense of belonging. That you have been through the system and you know how it work,s and then you have seen yourself move from glory to glory, so you’re like you know what? It’s my turn to help out my young brothers and sisters, to see that they also flourish, and be where I am right now,” Nakabira said.

Watoto isn’t just enriching the lives of the children it serves.

The families that sponsor them, are also enriched.

Mike McQueen and his wife have been sponsoring children for the past 18 years.

He says knowing he’s making a difference in children’s lives warms his heart.

“We’ve been sponsoring children and mothers since that time, and we’ve watched those children grow, graduate, and move on to college, and other children come along to continue that role. So, it’s been a huge, huge blessing to us,” McQueen said.

“When I was still young, I didn’t have any hope,” hoir member, Samuel Mwesigwa.

“But now I have hope that God has something forward for me,” said Mwesigwa.

Making the world a better place, one song at a time.

For more information about Watoto, and how you can become a sponsor, visit: https://www.watoto.com.

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