Local postal workers save potential victims from scam

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GENEVA, Ala. (WTVY) -- Some area postal workers may have saved potential victims of a recent Publishing Clearing House scam in the Wiregrass.

It is making its way around Alabama a telephone or e-mail scam "claiming" to be the publishers clearing house sweepstakes and unfortunately, some victims have already lost thousands.

"People here in Alabama that lose their entire life savings I have a gentleman in the center that I just worked with last week or so and he's lost over a hundred thousand dollars." said Tony Robinson, postal inspector.

People have been tricked into sending large sums of money to claim their winning prize, but it's illegal for anybody offering a prize to ask for money in order to release that prize.

"If it's a sweepstakes or lottery if it has foreign connections it illegal to be sent through u-s mail it only has two authorized addresses a website and a toll-free number for verification any other address is a monster trying to be publishing clearing house." said Robinson.

"Geneva County postal workers have already stopped three people from potentially being scammed but they say that isn't going to be the case everywhere here are a few tips you can look out for if something looks suspicious. "

"First time you'll know that you won is when you open up the door and their team is there in front of you doing the face to face award verification so if your being notified that you've won a million dollars from publishing clearing house you're dealing with a scammer."

The US postal service's goal is to eliminate any fraudulent activity and if they notice anything suspicious postal workers can stop the transaction.

There are two spin-offs from the publisher's clearing house sweepstakes to look for as well here is a link for you to view it.

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