Washed out bridge traps dozens on one-way road

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Dale County, AL (WTVY) One day after the storm shows a quick recovery for the small bridge on Dale County Road and Bridge 560.

Repairs being done to County Road 560 in Dale County

Crews were able to come out early Tuesday morning, once waters receded, to repair and clear the road.

At one point, the bridge was completely covered by the Choctawhatchee River. The small bridge has reportedly been causing problems for many of the homeowners along that road, for years.

Although the bridge is now restored, homeowners on the road say it's just a temporary fix, and it's no longer enough.

"This makes the fourth time that I've been here that the bridge has completely washed out," said James Gibson who lives on the road.

Gibson has been living on County Road 560 for more than 25 years, and says the bridge is long overdue for repairs and a headache for many of the homeowners.

Many who say they have been neglected by county road management.

"If there was an emergency, they would have to fly a helicopter in or something, because there is no one coming in, or out. Until the water goes down, they can't do anything... and it's all the bridge. The bridge is the problem," said Gibson.

Dale County Engineer, Derek Brewer says plans are underway to repair the bridge, but, no exact timetable was given.