Warning against eating raw cookie dough

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(CNN) -- Eating raw batters can be bad for your health.

That's why the CDC is warning people to say no to raw dough.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning people to say no to raw dough this holiday season.

This time of year homes are full of homemade raw batters.

And it can be very tempting to dig into those cookies, cakes and breads before they're cooked, but eating any unbaked dough can he bad for your health.

Flour, the main ingredient for these foods, is a raw agricultural product

That hasn't been treated to kill germs, such as E.Coli.

Any bacteria that lives within the raw product is only killed off when the flour is cooked.

Eggs are also another ingredient of most doughs and are only safe to eat when fully cooked and handled properly.

They could contain salmonella.

So this holiday season--say no to raw dough.

Back away from the batter until it is properly cooked.

Do not let children play with or eat raw dough.

And keep raw foods such as flour and eggs separate from ready-to eat-foods.

Finally, make sure you are washing your hands, before and after working with any dough.

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