Wallace Community College holds largest graduating nursing class

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) -- Hospitals and doctors offices around the wiregrass will soon have new nurses on staff, as Wallace community college graduated another group of nurses tonight.


For Maureen Piper, walking across the stage is a dream come true. Not only because she earned an Associates Degree in Nursing, but this was her first time graduating.

She said "I've never graduated before, I was married at 15, and so I never got to graduate, but I got my GED, But it was very scary. It was a very scary experience and exciting at the same time that I'm moving on with my life, and doing something out of my life besides being a mother."

She was joined by nearly 100 other Wallace graduates at the Dothan Civic Center.

For Phillip Lee, it was about being able to make a change in his life as a truck driver, and a diabetic.

He says "Managing that particular disease on the road is very difficult, so that got away from me a couple of times. And I decided that if I wanted to continue on, I needed to change my lifestyle."

For Kyli Silivant who took a break from the program and let life happen, she's doing it for her little girl.

Kyli said "I could show her it doesn't matter how old you are straight out of high school, just fulfilling your dream and making it happen."

The graduating class is the single largest amount of graduates from the Wallace community college nursing program since it was established in 1971.

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