Vet recommendations for a safe Halloween for pets

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Oct. 30, 2017 at 3:38 PM CDT
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Halloween can be fun for children and adults, but for our pets it can be dangerous.

There are several things pet owners should consider this Halloween, especially if you plan to dress your pet in a costume.

Kansas State University veterinarian, Susan Nelson, says all costumes should be tried on in advance.

“Make sure it fits well - that means they can see okay, they can breathe okay, that there aren’t any small pieces that are going to fall off or be able to be pulled off that they can then swallow—getting an obstruction in their intestinal track.”

Nelson also advises that pets should be comfortable with their costume and shouldn’t be forced to wear one.

If you do take your pet out trick-or-treating, make sure they’re properly identified.

“A collar and tag, and/or a microchip, preferably both are needed,” says Nelson. “So if they do run off because they are scared by the ringing of the doorbell or the costumes, they can hopefully be found and traced back to you right away.”

Nelson also recommends using a reflective collar.

Once the trick-or-treating has ended, be sure to keep the candy away from your furry friends. Chocolate, raisins and Macadamia nuts, as well as sugar-free candy can be toxic to dogs.

Other spooky items to watch out for include lit candles that may burn a curious pet’s nose or glow sticks which can cause intestinal problems if eaten.