VIDEO: Man sleeps while self-driving car is on autopilot

BOSTON (WBZ/CNN) - Tesla wants people to always be alert with both hands on the wheel in their self-driving cars, but that wasn’t the case for one driver along the Massachusetts Turnpike Sunday.

A Massachusetts commuter saw a man and woman sound asleep in the front seats of a self-driving Tesla riding next to him. (Source: WBZ/Dakota Randall/CNN)

He was captured on camera appearing to be completely asleep at the wheel. Dakota Randall, who drove right next to him, said he was so surprised by what he saw, he had to capture the moment.

"It was just so strange and baffling,” Randall said. “I just looked a couple times. I thought I saw somebody asleep at the wheel, but I wasn't sure, so I did a double-take and sure enough, there was somebody with his head between his legs."

The cellphone video shows a man hunched over behind the wheel. The woman in the passenger seat also appeared to be knocked out.

"I thought I should record this,” Randall recalled. “Then I thought I shouldn't record this because it's also unsafe. But it was just so bizarre, I just had to get it on video. It was so strange."

As cars buzzed by, Randall said he tried to wake them up, even honking is horn to no avail.

Self-driving cars just might be the way of the future. Even so, its trend that Randall is not sure he’s on board with quite yet.

"It was just strange. It looked like they just needed to go home and go to bed," Randall concluded.

The Massachusetts State Police say there's technically no law against falling asleep at the wheel of a self-driving car, but it's obviously not recommended.

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