Unlicensed day cares have six weeks to take action

Published: Jun. 19, 2019 at 5:46 PM CDT
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The State Department of Human Resources listed nearly 70 daycares that have not applied to be licensed.

Three of those are here in Houston County, which means unless they make the deadline, they won't be able to get subsidies.

“Yeah, we can take them. There's no waiting space. We've got space. That's what I want to be able to say,” says Executive Director of Beulah Land Christian Academy.

With almost 80 children enrolled and a hefty waiting list, Beulah Land Christian Academy can't accept another child.

Over half of its students come from low-income families who pay for child care services with subsidies, but in order to receive those funds, the daycare must be state certified.

That is no simple process.

“First of all you just have to get that minimum standards book and open it from the first page, and go to the last page because it is so much it requires,” says Harvey.

But without that no subsidies.

“We’ve got to do it no matter what because if we want to keep helping those children we need to do what we got to,” says Harvey.

Jackie Harvey says that being in a classroom environment before kindergarten is critical.

“A great beginning always ends with an excellent future,” she adds.

She believes it shouldn't just be for those that pay without help.

“Everybody deserves that no matter what your background is every child deserves a great beginning,” says Harvey.

Beulah Land is one of the daycares on the list,

But Harvey tells me the daycare applied last year.

We talked to the other two - the director of Saint Mathis in Cowarts says its application was sent last month.

The third Kiddie Garden daycare tells us it's also applied.

“I pray that every child care director is getting their stuff together so we can continue to help these children because if they close that one or they can't take those children in anymore all of the other ones that did get the license they might be filling up,” says Harvey.

Daycare facilities only have six weeks to apply. If they don't families who benefit from subsidies may have to change daycares or come up with the money to stay where they are.