United Way exceeds its $2,888,888.88 fundraiser goal

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- After five months the Wiregrass United Way chapter has exciting news about its “crazy eight” fundraiser.

“We set an ambitious goal this year and one that we could remember of $2,888,888.88,” says United Way trustee Brian Mcleod.

Friday they announced they exceeded that amount by .15%.

By hitting their target amount they received an additional $400,000 from the Wiregrass Foundation.

The fundraiser was only one part of a much bigger goal.

“The goal is to have an impact with the dollars that people have trusted us within this six-county area, and thanks to our volunteers and our donors that's what we will do with these 41 agencies. Our team of 41 volunteers will visit all 41 agencies in a 6-week span and then come back to allocate the funds we raised,” says the chapters CEO Walter Hill.

The fund distribution process will start on February 11th.

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