Understanding purple beach flags

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FLORIDA -- (WTVY) Beach-goers in South Walton may have noticed a purple flag flying recently, and according to the South Walton Fire District's Beach Safety Director, that flag most commonly mean jelly fish are in the water.
They say flying this color flag does not mean you must stay out of the water, it's just a warning.
"What a lot of people want to do is default to using ice right away and that actually doesn't' help. The science is in and the most quick thing you can do is use either salt water, which most people don't want to do because they've just gotten out of the salt water where they've been stung and don't want to go right back in and expose themselves. So the first best thing you can do is get to some warm water. Don't use ice."
The beach's flag system helps beach-goers know what to expect out in the gulf waters.
Officials say when they haven't had a sting report within a 48-hour span, they will lift the warning.

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