UPDATE: Reason behind Gordon Mayor's recent arrest

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GORDON, Al. (WTVY) We now know the exact accusations against Gordon mayor Elbert Melton for a recent arrest.

Mayor Melton was arrested April 21st for theft of property.

Houston county sheriff's office Captain Bill Rafferty tells us Melton allegedly took $1,700 from the senior center fund to reportedly buy his adult son a car.

The town was selling an old police car and Captain Rafferty says Melton wrote a check in the town's name for the car.

But the sheriff's office says the check was returned because the mayor didn't have the authority to write the check.

So the money was returned to the account.

Captain Rafferty says Mayor Melton then took the money out of the senior center fund again, this time in cash.

Rafferty says the car was not bought for town use so Melton was charged with theft of property, accused of stealing the $1,700.

Rafferty says, "There is a lot of power and control issues, and it's to the point out there that somebody, and I believe it’s going to be from the state, they are going to have to step in and take charge"

Rafferty has filed complaints with the state ethics commission.

He says it’s up to the state now if it wants to step in and investigate.

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