UAB and other hospitals hope to learn from mass shooting events

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -- Most hospitals in the country are watching and learning from what happened from the mass shooting incidents in Texas and Ohio.

UAB is one of four level one trauma centers in the state capable of handling these types of events.

UAB employees and staff, especially those on their Emergency Preparedness Committee, watched what happened over the weekend. They fully expect to learn vital information which could be critical to saving lives here.

UAB is no stranger to handling mass casualties. The largest case was 2011 and the April tornadoes. Recently we had the chlorine gas leak spill at the Birmingham Water Works Plant.

The Hospital Emergency Preparedness Committee meets regularly and discusses various situations. The key is training, planning and preparations.

They constantly add information which could impact a person’s life by reviewing what they have done and what needs to be done to make it work better.

“We look for what our strengths are and we also look hard at what our opportunities are. Then we focus our education, any engineering changes, any process changes and over the next period of time making those improvements,” said Bill Mayfield, Emergency Management Preparedness Director.

UAB works in coordination with other hospitals and emergency medical services about which facility gets how many patients. The also coordinate what needs to be on the ground to greet and treat those patients once they arrive.

Again, this goes back to constant training in case the worst happens here.

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