Two-legged dog 'Tobi' Is getting wheels

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FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) -- Tobi, the two-legged dog is winning over the hearts of pet lovers online. The miniature Australian Shepherd's condition can cause serious damage. So his fans are stepping up to help him.

A miniature Australian Shepherd named Tobi was born with only hind legs. Now he's getting a set of wheels, thanks to pet lovers who donated to an online fundraising drive by the Humane Society of North Texas. Courtesy: KDFW-FOX 4 / AP

Tobi is almost two years old and loves treats and people. He was born with only his hind legs.

The Humane Society of North Texas realized he would be paralyzed if he keeps walking around the way he does. So donations rolled in to help Tobi cruise around in style.

The Humane Society of North Texas has raised approximately $3800.00 for Tobi's wheels and care.

The wheels themselves cost about $500 and total cost for fitting Tobi is expected to be $2500 - $2800. This will include the care of an orthopedic veterinarian. Any remaining funds will roll over to the animal medical fund to support the next animal that comes to the shelter with medical needs.

Tobi wasn't abused or neglected. The humane society says his owner surrendered him unable to give him the care he needed.

"He is not in pain. He is really super happy. He's just a happy, loving boy," said Cassie Lackey with the humane society. "I don't think he knows there's anything wrong with him."

Despite the apparent ease at which he gets around, Tobi desperately needs wheels. "It's going to be serious as he gets older. Right now, his vertebrae are compressed," Lackey explained. "So the wheels are going to alleviate the degenerative disc disease that he has. So we want to get him fit and we want to just see him rolling around."

They soon will. About two weeks ago, the Humane Society of North Texas asked people to donate money to get Tobi some wheels. Generous animal lovers stepped up.

Once Tobi is rolling, he'll be adopted out to someone who can keep up with him.

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