Two arrests lead to multiple burglary cases solved

Two arrests on Friday led to multiple burglary cases in multiple Wiregrass Counties to be solved.

According to Gordon Police Chief Jim Mock, Clyde Covington and Justin Wilson are now facing charges for stolen property of the 1st degree, among other charges from other counties.

According to Mock, it started Thursday night when Gordon Police Officer Jones got behind an SUV and a trailer with no tag and no running lights. He then pulled the vehicle over when he noticed signs of distracted driving.

Chief Mock says when Officer Jones spoke to the two men in the SUV, they raised his suspicions which led him to contact all local authorities for VEN number verification.

When nothing came up, Officer Jones let them go. On Friday morning, a Gordon resident notified Mock of a stolen trailer. When he described the trailer and VIN number, Officer Mock said he thought back to Thursday’s traffic stop by Officer Jones. A neighbor also told Mock that they had seen a small SUV driving down the road, but when they went away the neighbor went to bed.

Mock then pulled Officer Jone’s call log from Thursday and was able to get the VIN numbers he called out. The numbers of the missing trailer and the trailer from Thursday’s traffic stop matched. Because of the traffic stop, they had both of the people’s information.

Mock then contacted Houston County Sheriff’s Department and Slocombs Police Chief after learning the two men were staying in places in Geneva County.

Mock then asked Slocomb Chief to see if he could see the trailer and SUV at the place they had learned from informants that the two men were living at.

Slocomb Police Chief Scotty Howard was the first contact with the trailer at the trailer park in Malvern, Alabama on 52.

Officials also got a search warrant and found the stolen items in the trailer along with other stolen items inside the house.

The suspects were not on the property but after an informant notified police that they were in a business in Dothan, Officials were able to arrest them around 4pm that Friday.

The Gordon victim was able to get all property lost returned.

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