Truck driving class possibly coming to Wallace Community College

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — If you're looking for a new career, hitting the road may be the way to go.

There's a huge demand for truck drivers.

And Wallace Community College is working on the answer.
Andy Cruz is a trucker, he says, "You get paid to see America."

Andy and Mocha are hitting the road.

He says, "From Missouri down to Clearwater Florida."

He's been driving for more than 20 years.

"It is very much a lifestyle."

A lifestyle, that almost came to an end.

He says, "I had open heart surgery three years ago, but they fixed me and I'm fine."

So, enter Mocha. His Pom.

He rides shotgun with Andy.

"He helps me deal with the pressure out on the road."

Andy says, driving has been a great career and it pays well.

"Come into it with excitement, I mean you got to want to do this."

Wallace Community College is trying to get a grant to start a truck driving program, as the profession is booming

Joe Johnson is the director of Workforce Development.

He says, "We are the communities college and it's critical for the community to know we are here to serve them anyway we can."

As for Andy, he wouldn’t trade his time on the road for anything.

"It's fun, and to be able to get the load where it's going, and not letting anything stop you."

Wallace is waiting to find out if they get funding for the 6 week course.

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