Trees more vulnerable from heavy rains

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) - Heavy rainfall across the Wiregrass is raising the chances of falling trees.

Local tree services have seen an uptick in business within the last month.
If a tree falls in your yard, you need to take pictures of the damage and then call your insurance company.
If there is a threat to life or property, most tree services, like Complete Tree Service of Cowarts, offer 24 hour emergency service.

"Pay attention to the trees and do basic maintenance on it. If you see a tree and the limbs are starting to sag, you may want to consider topping the tree and get some of the weight off of it. So the tree will be healthier and safer," said Complete Tree Service Co-Owner Lloyd Townsell.

Tree companies say pay attention to any bark falling off the tree or change in color, which could cause it to fall over more easily.

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