Tornado hits parts of the Wiregrass Area.

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DOTHAN Ala.(WTVY)- This morning neighbor's wake up to what they thought would only be a severe thunderstorm, but Chief Meteorologist David Paul says it hit harder than expected.

"All this debris, if it was straight-line winds, have been pushed that way but there's a roof over there that was pushed that way which is in the opposite direction on when the storm was moving so there's some tale signs and straight-line winds and a weak tornado that came through here.

The winds were so high that one man's window was even knocked out, and his damage was severe compared to others.

Resident Chuck Clark said, "At 2:30 all the neighbors were joining up in the middle of the neighborhood and we all discussed our problems but nobody was hurt and then we walked around then we noticed our backyard has lots of trees.

And one west Dothan woman had damage to her garage and is left with an unusable car after it flipped over

Resident Kim Hamilton said, “I wanted to come peak out of the garage and I notified the garage was now open it was no longer closed and my thought was where the car is.

The main threat of this storm has passed but however, we still could see some isolated storms tonight and tomorrow.

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