Tooth Fairy's payouts down a bit

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(NBC News Channel) - It appears the Tooth Fairy may have tightened her money bag last year.

Courtesy: Jennifer Huls, 123 RF

According to Delta Dental's latest survey, the tooth fairy's cash gifts dropped in 2017 to an average of $4.13.

That's an 11% decrease from 2016.

Overall, the Tooth Fairy was still quite generous, leaving a whopping $217 million underneath the pillows of children across the nation.

The cash prize for a first time tooth was most coveted, at an average of $5.70.

That's only a minor drop from 2016, which saw the tooth fairy leaving $5.72 per tooth.

The Tooth Fairy also left behind some gifts that promote dental health such as tooth brushes and toothpaste.

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