These convicted Houston County killers await death

Published: Oct. 5, 2017 at 3:21 PM CDT
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Barring a last minute stay, Alabama Death Row inmate Jeffrey Lynn Borden will be executed Thursday night. He was convicted of killing his estranged wife and her father near Birmingham.

There have been no inmates from Houston County executed since Herbert Lee Richardson in 1989. He was convicted of killing a young girl by placing a pipe bomb on the front porch of a Dothan home in 1977.

There are 18 inmates convicted in Houston County on Alabama Death Row. Their cases are being appealed and execution dates have not been set.

Bobby Baker, Jr.

---Convicted of murdering wife Tracy Baker during a kidnapping attempt April 5, 1994.

Artez Hammonds

---Convicted of fatally stabbing recent nursing school graduate Marylin Mitchell in her newly-rented townhome on May 15, 1990.

Jerry Jerome Smith

---Convicted of murder in the 1996 deaths of Willie James Flournoy, Theresa Ann Helms and David Lee Bennett at a known crack house in Dothan.

Jerry Davane Bryant

---Convicted of the1997 murder of Don Hollis. Testimony during the trial Hollis was killed, his body put into a car trunk, and his cell phone traded for crack cocaine.

Rex Allen Beckworth

—He and half-brother, James Walker, broke into the house of Bessie Lee Thweatt, an 87–year–old widow who lived alone near Wicksburg, killing her in 2000.

Michael Jerome Lewis

—Convicted of killing Timothy John Kaye in 1997 during a kidnapping attempt.

James Earl Walker

-- He and half-brother, Rex Allen Beckworth, broke into the house of Bessie Lee Thweatt, an 87–year–old widow who lived alone in Wicksburg, killing her in 2000.

Antonio Devoe Jones

---He allegedly broke into the home of 80-year old Ruth Kirkland in 1999 and beat her to death.

Brandyn Josephe Benjamin

—Convicted in the beating death and robbery of Jimmie Lewis in the parking lot of Wiregrass Commons Mall that occurred in 2000.

Christopher Floyd

—Convicted for the 1992 shooting Waylon Crawford at Waller’s Store in the Pansey area. Floyd was arrested several years later.

David Wilson

---Convicted of strangling Dewey Walker to death in 2004.

Michael Lynn Sale

—In 2004, Sale allegedly abused his wife and left her to die at the couple’s home in Houston County.

Heath Lavon McCray

—Convicted for the 2005 death of estranged girlfriend Brandy Jean Bachelder at her Dothan home.

Tawaun Townes

—In 2008, Townes allegedly shooting and robbing Christopher James Woods.

Ryan Clark Petersen

—Recently convicted of shooting three people to death at Teaser’s Club in 2012.

Patricia Blackmon

—Convicted for the 1999 beating death of her 28-month old adopted daughter.

Tierra Capri Gobble

—Gobble was charged with the 2004 beating death of her 4-year old son.

Anthony Eugene Brown

—Convicted of strangling 83-year old Virginia Keel to death in 2000 at Fieldcrest Apartments in Dothan.