Wiregrass Radio's solar eclipse playlist

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - It’s no coincidence that you'll hear songs on the radio Monday about the sun, moon and sky. Wiregrass Radio put together a playlist, with the help of some local callers, to celebrate the occasion.

Ricky Carter on Dothan’s All New B105.3 was picking up calls all morning. Roughly 40 listeners wanted to make special requests for the big day.

"There's a bunch of songs out there,” said Carter. “But any song that deals with the sun or moon, people want to hear it.”

With 12 songs total, starting with Bill Withers "Ain’t No Sunshine When She's Gone.” “We’ve had a lot of calls for that one,” added Carter. Sound Garden “Black Hole Sun,” Van Morrison “Moon Dance,” Cat Stevens “Moon Shadow,” R.E.M., “Man on the Moon,” Creedence Clearwater Revival “Bad Moon on the Rise,” Kenny Chesney and Uncle Cracker “When the Sun Goes Down,” Twin Shadow “You Eclipse Me,” Pink Floyd “Eclipse,” The Animals “House of the Rising Sun,” LEN “Steal my Sunshine,” and last but not least…

"Everyone’s called for this one! Bonnie Tyler, “Total Eclipse of the Heart,”” added Carter.

Tyler performed her song on a cruise during the eclipse this afternoon.

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