The Second Largest Aircraft in the World Lands in Dothan

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Not every day do you see the second largest aircraft in the world land in Dothan.

The Antonov AN-124-100 landed at Dothan Regional Airport to transport aircraft from Fort Rucker to a classified location.

"There is a movement of some helicopters from here to another location and in order to carry three of them you need a very heavy lift, heavy transport aircraft.” Said Airport Manager Art Morris.

The plane is 226 feet long and 226 feet wide, almost the size of a football field!
It also can carry 900,000 pounds.

Russian built and Russian designed, no plane this size exists in the United States.

“The aircraft behind me has the capacity carry all three of these helicopters at one time.” Said Morris.

This is the third time an aircraft of this size has landed in Dothan.

Art says, “It’s very similar to an Airforce C5-A in size, but the Airforce C5's tend to be very busy right now so a civilian contractor was contracted to carry these aircrafts.”

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