The most popular Halloween costumes this year

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- It's Halloween time which means you'll find adults, babies, and even pets in costumes.

The inspiration behind this year's top picks come from movies, toys, and even the kitchen.

Nationwide, Stephen King's IT is the most searched costume on Google.

“Well this year we have a lot of customers coming in asking for it of course,” says Party America’s Assistant Manager Lee Taylor.

“I totally forgot about it because I sold out of 90% of my IT stuff within the first two weeks of us being open,” says Spirit Halloween Store Manager Raphael Ruperto.

“Most of the adults we have a women and men it so they are in love with that one,” says Party America employee Sabrina King.

So what do kids love?

“Some of the hottest kids’ costumes are definitely Fortnite costumes," says Ruperto. "They've been going left and right. I can't even keep them on the shelves. All these kids come in talking about the game and they're very excited about that.”

“Little kids like to come get princess costumes and the little boys like ninjas and maybe like Star Wars a few... Toy Story very popular,” says Party America employee Quijado Knight.

Kids are into everything from cute to creepy.

“A lot of little kids have loved like the Chucky costumes and the bleeding clown killer,” says King.

Classics are hot again.

“Hocus Pocus has been making a comeback these last couple of years. We have collectibles, and that's the kind of stuff people want and keep coming for,” says Ruperto.

If you want something a little different you can "thrift one yourself."

“When you come into the store you can build numerous costumes using some of our new products with some of our gently used items to create something very unique,” says America’s Thrift Store General Manager Beth Tamburelli.

And a note about safety... while shopping for costumes don't forget to pick up items that will make trick or treaters more visible like reflective tape, flashlights, and glow sticks.

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