The importance of the Slocomb Tomato.

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Jun. 21, 2019 at 5:02 PM CDT
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For 31 years Slocomb has been hailed as the "tomato capital of the world."

"Home to the Slocomb Tomato" this is the popular phrase this town goes by.

For four generations, Aplin Farms has been producing tomatoes that bring people from near and far. The tomato has attracted the attention of not only this community but food fanatics throughout the tri-states.

"We've been growing tomatoes here at Aplin Farm for 60 some odd years and like i said its's our way of making a living." Owner John Aplin said.

The Aplin family has been in the tomato business for generations.

But how are these Slocomb tomatoes different than any other - Owner, John Aplin said by the way they are grown and harvested.

"When you've got a fresh, good tomato like any other fresh, quality produce then it's better then what you're going to get anywhere else like the grocery store that has been shipped in from somewhere else and has been hauled for 15 to 17 days," Aplin said.

Although many people drive the distance for one of these tomatoes, the growing of them has decreased. From thousands of acres to only hundreds of acres, now there are only 10 owners let in the Slocomb area.

"The reason for the change is we no longer, most everybody here no longer grows and ships tomatoes all over the country. We've cut out the Walmart's of the world," Aplin said.

The tomatoes are now being sold locally directly to the consumers.

The festival opens tomorrow at 9am at Centennial Park and Tomato Festival parade will begin at tomorrow a 10am