The final day of the NPF

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) -- Rains wreaked havoc on the National Peanut Festival all week. But the final day for 2018 ended with a bang.

The last night of the festival featured a fireworks show and a crowd for the record books.

With the festival wrapped up, we spoke with local vendors about how they fared this year. Some say they took a hit due to this year's stormy weather.

Matthew Faulkner of the Dale County High School marching band says, "It might've cost us a good couple hundred dollars, but it's not gonna hold us back. We're still gonna go and move on."

Others like the New Life Church were still dishing out food Sunday afternoon.

For them, they still need ever last cent they can make.

Doug Boatwright who was helping serve food for the New Life Church tells us, "We were rained out, on Wednesday night. We had a couple of slow nights because of the rain, so we didn't do as good as we expected to do. And this is what we're raising the money for are our mission trips to Kenya and Guatemala."

Even with the heavy rain, vendors were still able to take some serious steps towards their goals, and are already looking ahead.

Boatwright says, "We're looking forward to, and last night we're planning next year."

With the 2018 National Peanut Festival in the books, plenty of the non-profit vendors have the money they need to fund their school's marching bands or a mission trip.

Some of the schools said they raised as much as $5,000 in one day.

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