Smooth Black Friday in the Wiregrass

Black Friday wait to be checked out.
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) TVs, Alexa devices, Apple airpods are some of the hottest items this Christmas and Black Friday is when you will find the lowest prices for these gifts and more.

“Oh yes, yes, yes. We're getting all of the good deals... stuff we don't need… stuff we do need and stuff for ourselves as well,” says Black Friday shopper Megan Benefield.

Only cheaper prices could be found Thanksgiving night but waiting until Black Friday morning was a sacrifice some were willing to take.

“They do start them so early but I would rather spend time with my family then come shopping,” says Black Friday shopper Celeste Cook.

“We like to spend Thursday with our families and then get out Friday and start the Christmas season,” says Black Friday shopper Melissa Roberts.

With everyone after these deals traffic, checkout lines, and crowds are sure to be a hassle, right?

“It’s actually been slower this year than last year, so it’s not been too bad and people have been really friendly and lots of fun,” says Roberts.

“We've gotten out pretty quickly got checked out pretty quick, so I think everything's been really good so far,” says Cook.

“Crowds have really not been that bad. We were expecting them to kind of be a lot worse than what they are, but they really haven't been bad at all everybody's been really nice and nobody's fighting anybody,” says Benefield.

Those are the good vibes shoppers hope for each year.

“It is a family tradition we all come out and the guys go do something else and we just come and shop,” says Roberts.

Some of these bargain hunters drove longer than they waited in lines to take advantage of the sales.

“We always come up to Dothan shopping and eating out so we just thought we just have a girl’s day and come do a little Christmas shopping,” says Roberts.

Many Wiregrass stores have extended hours today to give you more time to take advantage of Black Friday deals.

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