Child Advocacy Center hosts child abuse training

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- According to more than 3-million cases of child abuse are reported in the United States each year.

The Southeast Alabama Child Advocacy Center hosted its annual training for professionals.

Child abuse affects children around the world and professionals are trying to put a stop to it in the Wiregrass area.

The Child Justice Tasks Force partnered with Henry County and Houston County to get a grant and bring a nationally recognized expert to provide training.

Outreach Team Educator of the Southeast Alabama Child Advocacy Center Grace E. Geisler, M.S. said, "What she's teaching is today is helping us learn that certain adverse childhood experiences which include child abuse are things that affect children not only emotionally and mentally but physically as well it can actually cut their lifespan by several years. "

Geisler says child advocacy centers play an important role in helping the victims of child abuse.

"They were designed to help children not be re-traumatized by telling their story over and over and have one place where they can come and receive all the treatment and care that they need. "

There are many different forms of abuse physical, sexual, emotional and child neglect and all can be traumatic for a child.

Executive Director of Southeast Alabama Child Advocacy Center Terri Dubose said, "When the community decides to support children as a whole we reap the benefits long-term children are able to grow up into productive adults and reach their full potential and that benefits society at large. "

Which is why she believes this training is so important.

"The key is education informing yourself being aware of the warning signs are the steps that you can take to help an abused child or provide help need resources for them."

About fifty professionals attended the training to help them better assist children in the future.

The local advocacy center investigated forty-three new child abuse cases during the month of June.

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