The Houston County Career Academy's doors are now open in Dothan

Published: Oct. 18, 2016 at 3:25 PM CDT
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Around 250 students got to check out the new Houston County Career Academy building on west Main street in Dothan on Tuesday, October 18th. Houston county schools spent about $6.5 million on buying and renovating the old Sears building.

The biggest change is that the career center is now in Dothan instead of Ashford, making it more accessible. Some students were taking a 45 minute bus ride from Wicksburg to get to the old center, but not anymore.

Joyce Yapur is in her second year at the academy learning health science. She is a senior at Wicksburg High School and plans on studying anesthesiology after she graduates.

"It's actually really nice, I like how we have space... it reminds me of a college. We have equipment and space now, so I think that's going to make a big difference this year in this new building compared to the other one, I'm really excited," said Yapur.

The center also offers training in automotive service technology, welding, industrial systems, information technology, education training, pre-engineering, and sports and entertainment marketing.

"Seeing the students walk through and look at the facility and saying how nice everything is and taking pictures so they could share this day with some of their friends... Which is what this is all about, we want them to be proud of the facility we have here," said Glenn Maloy, principal of the Houston County Career Academy.

Each program is designed with two rooms, one for lecture and one for lab. Allowing students to balance out what they learn from the books and what they learn hands-on.

If students are interested in joining any of the programs offered for their sophomore year, they are advised to meet with their school's councilor.

For more information, go to, click on 'schools,' then click on 'Houston County Career and Technical Center' and it will direct you to their website. You can also call the career academy at (334) 899-3308.