The Harbor helps those who need it most during Coronavirus outbreak

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Mar. 23, 2020 at 5:15 PM CDT
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Businesses shutting down and thousands being laid off around the country due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But who is helping you through these rough times?

"If there ever been a time where we need to reach out and help each other it is now," Pastor at The Harbor, Larry Flowers said.

And that's exactly what the harbor is doing... But with the COVID-19 outbreak, they have had to make some changes.

"We were already out 5 days a week, we were already ding street ministry and bringing meals. We've upped our resource giving which means we have tripled the amount of meals, we bring out pre-made meals that were bringing out to families and individuals through the week," Kody Kirchhoff, executive director of The Harbor said.

So even though their doors may be closed, that's not stopping them from helping the community.

"They're doing a good job until the harbor opens back up. I appreciate them doing it because I love The Harbor," Destiny Teague said.

"It's a blessing from God and they are blessed people, I really appreciate everything they looking out for the neighborhood," Shirley Critten said.

Now serving the city of Dothan twice a day during the week.

The Coronavirus has caused some issues for the team....

"And with restaurants perhaps now being shut down or closed down right now those resources aren't going in but as I said as we have tripled our giving out, our resources are just low because of the need," Kirchhoff said.

Relying solely on donations from the community.....

"It doesn't take disasters, it doesn't take bad things to happen. It's just in my heart and I'm grateful," Flowers said.

Grateful despite the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

"Do I hope this ends tomorrow? Yes. Is this probably the new normal for a couple months? Yes. Do I miss worshiping and having the large group settings? Absolutely. So we're just taking that out to people and we'll just take it week by week," Kirchhoff said.

Last week alone The Harbor served over 2-thousand people in the city of Dothan.

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